Accomplished projects



Load tests of a jack up vessel crane after boom extension.

We used several loads in the hook to calibrate the load cell of the crane.

The picture shows a 704t load test.



Annual recertification acc. BetrSichV,

DGUV V 52 und DGUV G 309-001 of the deck crane of an offshore converter station incl. the required load test.

Also all lifting appliances have been recertified acc. to

BetrSichV und DGUV R 100-500.

Since 2015 we are taking care of the lifting appliances and carried out the recertification the second year. This year we saved a lot of time due to having  80% of the used lifting appliances recorded in our system. 





Cruise ship - Load test of liveboat davits as part of 5-yearly-recertification.



Load tests of two cranes mainhoist with 275t each and their auxillary hoists with 66t each for a shipyard.

Afterwards, the next ship crane has been tested with 220t in the mainhoist and 36t in the aux. hoist.

The shipyards owned gantry crane has been tested with 450t after the ships have been finished.




500t load test of a jack up vessel crane. We look after the load and overload tests since several years for this vessel.



Load test of a gantry crane with 450t, and 495t for the overload alarm and shutdown.

We are performing the load tests for this crane since three years.